Shiotzuki Juran (b. 1948)

Flower basket, Combed pattern in weave
12 x 46 x 22 cm
4 ¾ x 18 x 8 ⅝ inches
Box signed and sealed by Shiotsuki Juran
Additional protective paper box
With fine balance between horizontal and vertical elements, between straight line and curved form, this tightly focused basket describes a midpoint in Shiotzuki Juran’s artistic evolution from vessels to sculpture. Juran uses his signature ‘comb’ technique of parallel verticals to build an oblong basket gently peaked at one end. Against this low horizontal breadth, vertical stays of varying width set a rhythm through which thin strands skirt like sound waves. The bottom is comprised of two layers, both of which are cross-stitched and plaited, the underside in an elegant hana ajiro-ami pattern. Juran was also a skilled lacquer artist and finished this basket in a glossy dark burgundy lacquer similar in color to that favored by early century Kansai basket makers.

This basket earned its place in the 33rd Exhibition of Traditional Japanese Art Crafts (Dento Kogeiten) in 1986 and appears on page 169 of the exhibition catalog. The late 1970s and 1980s were intensely creative and productive years for Juran, for his works also appeared in the 32nd, 35th, 36th and 38th Exhibition of Japanese Traditional Art Crafts, as well as other noted exhibitions. He won several prizes in this period, including the Chairman’s Prize at the Dento Kogeiten in 1989. Four of his works reside in the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.
In technique, color, and form this basket presages to varying degree important work by Minoura Chikuho and Honda Syoru (see e.g. Plates 63 and 74 in Japanese Bamboo Baskets: Meiji, Modern, Contemporary by M. Moroyama/Kodansha).
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