Shiotzuki Juran (b. 1948)

4 x 32 x 14 cm
Box signed and sealed by Shiotsuki Juran
Additional paper protective box
Beppu City is renowned for its bamboo craft, mats for flower vessels, plates for cold noodle dishes, chopstick rests, coasters, and innumerable baskets for everyday use can still be found in many shops around town.

Here Juran, who consistently contributed major works to national exhibitions, turned his talents to a playful crab-shaped base on which to place a flower vase or other prized object. Made of richly lacquered madake and twined rattan, the crab’s stylized legs are gracefully poised, its eyes cautiously peeping up from beneath the object under which it has taken refuge. Made by an artist of great talent for large and abstract works, Juran’s careful attention to such a piece is testament to his lightheartedness and humility as an artist and his affection for bamboo.
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