Mimura Chikuhō  (b. 1973)

12 x 22.5 x 20 cm
Box (paper) signed and sealed by Mimura Chikuho
Mimura T. (later Chikuho) was studying trombone in Heidelberg, Germany when by chance or by intuition he saw a basket made by Shounsai, the first designated Living National Treasure in basketry, while browsing in a bookstore. Mimura resolved to trade his life in music for one in bamboo and moved to Beppu to enroll in the bamboo training school there. Upon graduation he apprenticed for several years each with two esteemed bamboo artists: Yufu Shohaku, whose potent vessels might resemble pterodactyl’s nests, and Honda Syoru, whose graceful sculpture helped propel bamboo arts deep into the realm of the abstract. Integrating these two disparate visions freely, Mimura’s organic, amoebic objects emerge through the intuitive action of open weave basketry. They are often inspired directly by the clouds, waters and winds of his mountain home and, like our favored leaping objects, have a feeling of latent energy and quiet internal coherence and completeness.
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