Morigami Jin (b. 1955)

c. 1983
13.5 x 39 x 39 cm
5 ⅜ x 15 ⅜ x 15 ⅜ inches
Box signed and sealed by Morigami Jin
Sealed wrapping cloth
One of two exemplary early works by Morigami Jin in our collection, this extremely complex basket is the work of a young artist eager for adventure. Created several years before he developed the undulating cylindrical vessels for which he would become renowned (see for example Plate 43 in Masters of Bamboo [M. Rinne/Asian Art Museum] and his work in the Metropolitan Museum of Art) Morigami poured his great technical and conceptual ability into a classical bowl shape.

The elegantly curved mat plaited exterior surface is a study in quiet complexity. Viewed from below, we see that this outer layer is composed around six sets of six parallel lengths of bamboo. The 36 strips are plaited in a complex sequence to create two overlapping six-pointed stars in the base. These lengths then form the exterior verticals, which are plaited with horizontal bands whose widths are varied to complement the curve of the bowl. Against this relaxing pattern a single ripple spirals from foot to rim.

The interior layer is based on three columns of twelve parallel lengths. Arranged to form a six-pointed star at the bottom of the bowl, these 36 lengths also extend to form the verticals of the interior surface. The pine needle plaited horizontal surface gives the interior of the basket a feeling of depth and subtle oscillation. This interior layer is secured with an unusual sub-structural rim invisible from the outside even though it hovers just beneath the upper rim.
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