Nakata (b. 1943)

Leached madake
17 x 42.5 x 42.5
Nakata (formerly Morita) is one of the very few women basket artists of her time. After completing the Beppu course in bamboo art she apprenticed under Watanabe Shōchikusai I in Kyushu, a widely acknowledged master of intricate ajiro plaiting. Though she would have had to please her mentor in such fine plaiting techniques, Nakata composed this basket entirely of irregular, loosely plaited madake, using the light, pure color of leached bamboo often favored by Shono Shounsai and Iizuka Rokansai to create such open, modern forms.

A yotsume-ami pattern is used for the base lengths, the basic grid elegantly preserved as the lengths gently twist through the eight triangles forming the sides to the basket’s top or front. Made so that it can be placed on its base or hung in a tokonoma, this basket’s imprecise geometric form, large size and ample negative space make an inviting vessel for avant garde ikebana artists.
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